RE: Re: how to work with a designer

The markup should be strictly independent of the design!

All the designer should need to do to the .rhtml files would
be to tweak class attributes and other minor changes for the
purposes of identifying particular divs and spans.

As a designer, I whole-heartedly agree that all presentation should be
in the CSS file(s). However, access to and the ability to structure
the templates is just as important, in my opinion. For one thing, the
more “advanced” table-less layouts – rounded corners, for example –
require some

-juggling or
-itis, depending on your
point-of-view, so having the ability to set-up the page structure like
this is very helpful.

+1 on comments by Chris and Dean.

CSS should be used heavily for the layout of the site… and yes, it
a wee bit tricky when you need to introduce rounded corners and other

It’s funny that I just read this thread… because our designer finally
me the HTML to integrate with, and it’s a bunch of static pages
generated by
ImageReady. Literally everything is an image, and hundreds of spacers
used everywhere.

Help me… please… help me :slight_smile:

My advice is to start from scratch with rails tags.
Otherwise you will go insane.
I had the exact same situation.
You go mental on the div naming id’s alone.
I started from scratch with my own CSS and div naming scheme.
A lot of work but otherwise it will be a maintenance nightmare

You will need a desiner that is prepared to code the rails way.
And if he does he will find out for himself that its cool to do it like

Good luck

I’m the developer in a two man dev team of which it’s me (experience
programmer) and one other person (experience designer but still new to
rails). We started with him creating mockups and then I went in and
it up as an rhtml template for use in the application. As time has gone
he’s seen what I’ve done and made changes to the view code himself based
what’s already there. It works great. He’s learning rhtml as he need
get things done.

The rhtml templates are intuitive enough that most any designer can pick
up with a little time.

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