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-Have you tested it with other sites (beside your own) that use ajax ?
-Don’t know how much rails supports this, but just in case you’re using
Prototype directly: handle OnException and display the exception
-On my dev machine (FC3, same version of firefox and firebug) I can’t
send XMLHttpRequests to ‘localhost’ (no idea why), only to it’s ip
address (haven’t tried

Hope this helps somehow…


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Thank you, Michael, for your hint. I made it sure "Show

was on by turning it off and back on and restarting Firefox.
But, still
no XHR requests/responses (actually nothing) in the Console.
What else
could I be missing?

Michael S. wrote:
> Go to "Options" > Make sure "Show XMLHttpRequests" is checked,
> Then go to "Console".

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