RE: Re: How to embed the Login Engine in to the layout?


Do you have any good information on getting started with the Login
Engine? Or do you know of any cookbook style tutorials/walk-through for

I am just getting started with RoR and trying to dive into using some of
the available tools (like Engines) without much success.

Any help / direction is greatly appreciated.



The first thing to do is (as always) devour the README files for
everything you’ve downloaded… both the Engines plugin and the Login
Engine, for the specific things you’ve mentioned. Engines aren’t
complex once you’re fairly comfortable with Rails and Ruby, but if
you’re coming fresh to all of those, I can highly recommend the
Pragmatic Programmer books - taking some time out to get a good
grounding in the basics and become accustomed to DHH’s conventions
will pay dividends in the future.

For engines, the next place to look would be the engines site itself.
Beyond that, specific questions or general queries can be sent to any
of the mailing lists, we’re all fairly supportive :slight_smile:

Just to reiterate though - the README are vital.

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On 3/13/06, William (Bill) Froelich removed_email_address@domain.invalid wrote:

and methods without affecting the underlying engine - that’s basically

Rails mailing list

Rails mailing list

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