Re: Re: benchmark_ofdm_rx not working

I’m testing with two Flex2400 (2-6-2006) daughterboards and two
RFX2400 (Rev 30, 12-26-2006) daughterboards. I got
benchmark_ofdm_rx/tx working between one of the Flex2400 boards as
transmitter and one of each of the other type as receiver, using the
same command lines as in my previous post to this thread; my packet
reception rates between these pairs are something like 99%, with about
half passing CRC. However, my packet reception rates between all
other combinations of daughterboard xmitter/receiver are 0%.

In particular, given a transmitter-receiver pair that works (high
packet reception rate), switching the hardware roles of transmitter
and receiver results in 0% packet reception rate.

Any idea why? In my own toy PHY implementations in the past, I’ve
noticed very different carrier frequency offsets between different
pairs of daughterboard, so that’s my guess.

Kyle Jamieson