Re: Re: a problem with warbler or maybe it's my problem or is it something in the jruby distn?

I went through the gems ruby/gems/1.8/cache folder after I untared the 1.1.5 and I went through the tar file and couldn't find a sources.0.0.1.gem file.  If other people have it then that's wierd :P
I just grabbed a copy of the gem from my 1.1.4 distn and put it in the 1.1.5 location and everything worked.
Just as an FYI I was having trouble getting the new glassfish gem to work but apparently it doesn't install dependent gems (rack) so I struggled with that for a few minutes before I figured it out with help from people on the IRC channel.
Once I installed a Rack gem things seem to work for me there too.

Nov 9, 2008 02:44:38 AM, [email protected] wrote:
Jay McGaffigan wrote:
> hey,
> I've just upgraded to jruby 1.1.5 and am using warbler 0.9.11 (and
> upgraded to rails 2.2)
> I am trying to war up my application and am getting the following error:
> Cannot load gem at
> [/Users/home/Projects/blah/Externals/jruby-1.1.5/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/cache/sources-0.0.1.gem]
> When I goto the cache directory the sources-0.0.1.gem isn't there.
> I'm about to go and get it (or build it my self from the gemspec) but my
> question is... Should the gem be in the cache directory as part of the
> jruby distn?
> Or should I not be packaging it up with my War file due to the fact that
> Warbler already has jruby-complete-1.1.4.jar in it's lib directory ...
> and btw should I go and get the 1.1.5 version of jruby complete and
> replace that in the warbler 0.9.11? or maybe I should go get the edge
> of warbler and it will have it?

Hmm, are you sure you aren't picking up an older version of RubyGems or
JRuby or possible running MRI? I believe that should be shipped with JRuby.

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