Re: Rails vs J2EE


Jonas Alves wrote:

I’m doing a research for college about using Rails for enterprise
application development versus an MVC Java framework using struts and
OJB. I need to refer all the architectural patterns, since the data
source and domain logic patterns till the web presentation patterns.
Could you guys please tell me the pros and cons you found about using

It’s not J2EE.


It’s Ruby, so I write less code, and the code I do write is focused on
what I want to do, not what the compiler/language/framework wants me
to do.

If Rails is doing something I don’t quite understand, I have all the
source code so I can go look under the hood. And if I decide I don’t
care for something, it is fairly easy to change.

A possible con may be execution speed, though so far it hasn’t been an
issue for me in any Rails app I’ve done.