Re: Rails on Linux to mssql

I was just reading your post though a google search and was wondering how
this has been working for you since then. I need to setup the same exact
sort of thing and hoped to get any advice.

I haven’t used MS SQL in Rails for awhile (lately, my backend data
stores have
been SOAP, MySQL, or LDAP). I’m planning to try JDBC through JRuby for
upcoming project (it’s not MS SQL, but a proprietary datastore that
only ships with
a JDBC driver and a .NET assembly; I have a current Rails app hitting
datastore via Rails -> SOAP -> .NET -> datastore).

I say give it a shot and hit me or the Rails list back with problems.
The only two
things I tried that didn’t work were scaffolding (which I don’t use
anyways) and
the pagination helpers.