Re: Rails - MethodNotAllowed Error

Sorry, my last was a bit garbled. Here’s a better one:

ActionController::Routing::Routes.draw do |map|

Home controller

map.home ‘’, :controller => “Home”
map.root :home

Administration controller

map.admin ‘admin’, :controller => “Administration”
map.users ‘admin’, :controller => “Administration”, :action => :users
map.edit_user ‘admin’, :controller => “Administration”, :action =>
map.add_user ‘admin’, :controller => “Administration”, :action =>
map.remove_user ‘admin’, :controller => “Administration”, :action =>
map.content_edit ‘admin’, :controller => “Administration”, :action =>
map.options ‘admin’, :controller => “Administration”, :action =>
map.system_eval ‘admin’, :controller => “Administration”, :action =>

Account controller

map.logout ‘logout’, :controller => “Account”, :action => “logout”
map.login ‘login’, :controller => “Account”, :action => “login”

About controller

map.about ‘about’, :controller => “About”
map.faq ‘faq’, :controller => “About”, :action => “faq”
map.getinvolved ‘getinvolved’, :controller => “About”, :action =>
map.showcase ‘showcase’, :controller => “About”, :action => “showcase”

Blog controller ‘blog’, :controller => “Blog”

Forum controller ‘forum’, :controller => “Forum”

Contact controller ‘contact’, :controller => “Contact”

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