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From: patrick k removed_email_address@domain.invalid
Subject: Re: [Rails] templates and partials

maybe i need components.
Maybe :stuck_out_tongue:

If you want you’re view to tell your controller somthing - you’ll have
to render the view first then click on something rendered that goes
and gets your interview. Something like, in your view.

<%=link_to_remote 'Get Interview', :url => {:controller => :interview, :action => :get , :id => SOME_ID_I_PASSED_INTO_THE_VIEW_FROM_THE_CONTROLLER}, :update => 'update'%>

Maybe then you can tell the controller from the view?

If not I’d propose you send along a concrete example of what you are
trying to accomplish.

ok, we have in mind a very specific way how we would like to build
websites (using some framework).
here´s the description:

basically, we´d like to split a site into boxes (div-structures) and
elements (content). then, we´d like the administrator (or editor) of a
site to recombine the whole thing.

hope anyone can help.


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