Re: Rails core going multiligual...ever?

As I mentioned on the rails-core list, Josh Sierles and I are going to
release an i18n plugin based on Muiltilingual Rails. It also supports
translating db content via a class method, e.g.:

class Product < ActiveRecord::Base
translates :name, :description

product = Product.find 1 -> “Albondigas”

product = Product.find 1 -> “Meatballs”

It also comes with a fairly complete table of languages.

My hope is that once it becomes well established as a plugin, it will
eventually be integrated into rails core. If anybody want to check out
the beta code, send me an email at [email protected] and I’ll send you
the subversion url. We need help with testing and docs.

Josh Harvey

Julian ‘Julik’ Tarkhanov wrote:

They don’t care. None of the core users of Rails need this
functionality as I know. The answer will be “make a plugin”.

Muiltilingual Rails project was promising, I think it could have
given Rails a good foundation - but will parties involved
agree to the ways it has to do stuff?