Re: Rails 1.1?

But isn’t it recommended to use a frozen version of Rails, at least when
shared hosting. If most Typo users use frozen Rails the size of the Typo
wouldn’t matter that much.

But if there’s not that much hassle supporting
multiple Rails version I guess it’s not worth it.


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Because Rails is much larger then Typo, and we’d rather not make Typo

that much larger if we can avoid it. We can nail Typo to specific
versions (and we probably will for releases from now on), but I don’t
that distributing Rails with Typo solves many problems.


On 28 Mar 2006 19:57:45 -0000, [email protected]
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I’ve asked it before,
but got no answer (that I can recall): why doesn’t

a frozen version of Rails so that everyone runs the same version?

(That doesn’t solve the problem with incompatibilities with Rails 1.1

I think there would be less problems)

/Jonas ([email protected])

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So, it’s out. What
do we do?


Typo-list mailing list
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Typo-list mailing list

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mailing list
[email protected]

Give me another week or so. I have things up my sleeves :-).


On 28 Mar 2006 21:42:32 -0000, [email protected] <

“So, it’s out. What do we do?”
How about

  1. a version-aware environment.rb in trunk and release
    versionsimmediately, so that those who must can upgrade their systems to
    Rails1.1 and keep Typo running
  2. publishing a list of the problematic areas of current app
  3. re-focusing on getting all the legacy junk out the application now
    I’m assuming the members of the commit team are most familiar with
    thecode and they might offer specific suggestions on how to fix it, or
    atleast what the biggest problems are. If a list is posted here,
    perhapsit will attract some help.
    david richardson–

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