Re: Radrails - Quick (if misplaced?) question


Thanks to all who responded - indeed it was a PATH issue. I thought
setting it in the Ruby installed interpreters was enough, but apparently

Ben - I did want to follow-up on your reference to “db stuff”. Maybe I
just haven’t gotten that far yet - but in my exploring I didn’t see
DB-specific setting (or may have missed it somewhere). Just so I am
clear, which settings are you referring to? I might be able to head off
my next problem before it occurs…



I just meant in database.yml, which would be in the config directory
if you had already
created a project (sounds like you hadn’t). If you were trying to
generate a model or a
scaffold, the connection stuff in database.yml would need to be correct.

I don’t think there is any db-specific configuration in radrails.
Actually, the radrails
data view uses your database.yml! That’s pretty smart. It’s still a
little rough around
the edges, but it’s getting there.