Re: questions related to msgq_insert

Really appreciate your reply,Martin. The msg that I need to send is 3315
byte long, which is the length ofmsg_13bit and ofmsg_stop as well. I
changed the msg_limit of message_source to 6630, but this didn’t changed
the result. I expect to send msg_13bit once and msg_stop 50 times, but
what I got is 10 times msg_13bit and 500 times msg_stop. I really
wondering what the problem here, I only called the msgq_insert()
function once, why it sends the msg 10 times? What could be a good
solution to this problem?

How to decide the parameter, msg_limit, as it said this parameter
represents the maximum number of the msg in msgq. I expected to send
this msg_13bit as one msg and it takes time for the flow graph to really
pop the msg to transmit, which explains why I set msg_limit as 2. Is my
understanding wrong? How to set this parameter? How can I solve this
over msg sending problem?

Really appreciate your help!