Re: Question regarding vector_sink_c

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sink even when i set a range for the data captured,

recevied complex data using the rx_callback
If so why am i experiencing this problem. Please
Date: Wed, 09 Jan 2008 18:00:06 -0800


These will tell you some properties of the raw
signal (namely,
amplitude). Something like that might be the kind of
thing you want –
you could easily write a block in a similar style
that computed some
other metric.

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de-modulation. I havent have much success using

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Hi guys thanks for the reply, Tom i realised that the
problem of collecting data from the channel filters
and have changed my data collection from the usrp
source in the receiver but it still seems like the
samples are not sync with the received data. I will
look into gr.probe and hopefully get some idea on how
to process my needs. thanks alot of the time guys.



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