Re: Question about adding new files and making autotools happy

Thanks for the question and response as this also helps me with the
problems I was having. Can you explain this also in the context of
the instructions that say not to run ./bootstrap if building from the
tarball? Indeed, I find that if I run ./bootstrap after unpacking
the tarball it has a tough time finding all the pieces, but works
fine if I just unpack and ./configure && make && make
install. Thanks again for the assistance.


The tarball is generated when you run “make dist” from a bootstrapped
build tree. This tarball contains the files generated from doing the
bootstrap (all the makefile.ins, configure, so on…)

You could think of it this way: a bootstrapped build does not have a way
of comprehending its pre-bootstrapped state. So you get a tarball of a
bootstrapped build tree… Its the autotools way.