Re: python - double free or corruption error

On Sat, 11 Apr 2015, Marcus M. wrote:

to get a backtrace. For a bit more of background [1].


Hi Marcus
This writeup on using gdb is great!
I noticed one very small nitpick, the “find” command will fail on any
system that doesn’t suffix the ‘core’ file name, returning no results.
On my system here (and every ubuntu I’ve ever used), the core files that
get generated are simply named “core”…
The first computer I started on (IBM 1130) had real, actual, genuine
core storage. Of course, during the intervening 40 years I’ve only ever
seen core dumps when running programs written by others; my own code
never has any had any errors, bugs, or faults, whatsoever :wink:

Best Regards