Re: pySerial and GNU Radio


Happy to see a coinciding question in the same time frame :slight_smile:

I’d also tried a similar approach. But the data acceptable on Scope sink
seems entirely in a different format, than just sending raw samples via
File Descriptor block. That explains why you are able reproduce the data
a File sink.

The method I tried was to connect a TCP Source to a TCP Sink and Scope
When I was sending data as raw samples to the TCP Source, it appeared
correctly at the TCP sink, but nothing at Scope Sink. It was more
interesting when I connected a Vector Source to TCP Sink (server), and
came out was ASCII junk, which convinced me that the samples should be
wrapped around some Vector Source like mechanism.

Am I entirely on a wrong track ?



Josh B.-2 wrote:

with limited success. The goal is to read data from a serial connection,

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