Re: pulling specific dup. elements out of an array


array.inject(0) {|num, i| num + i}/array.length/1024 #1024 =
kilobytes convert

so if theres a way to shove reject into that then lemme know ^^

Just do the reject first (use reject! if you want to modify the array
in-place), and then run your inject on the results of that.

If you prefer to do it all in a single functional-style inject, then I
you can do something like this:

array = [‘234234’,‘4593’,‘4098234’,‘0’,‘0’,‘0’]

sum, len = array.inject([0,0]) { |(sum,len),i|
i != ‘0’ ? [sum+Integer(i),len+1] : [sum,len] }

puts sum / len / 1024