Re: Proposal to create a new mailing list


I hope that maybe someone can repair the unsub process while creating
the new experts list. Although I have tried various methods to unsubbing
without being blatantly disrespectful, I am unable to unsub.

Take Care,
David P.

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Sent: Saturday, December 30, 2006 11:07:38 AM
Subject: Proposal to create a new mailing list

Hello fellow Rubyphilics!

As other have remarked, the quality of this list is rapidly declining –
not because of a lack of participation, but rather because of the
increase of the same. Each and every question, no matter how nubish, is
answered, which of course is good. But the deep, poignant (no pun
intended) discussions seem to have faded in both frequency and quality.

I therefore propose we establish a ruby-experts (or the like) mailing
list intended for exactly those discussions.


Daniel S.