Re: Problem with win32ole, sapi5


Thanks for the reply. Glad it wasn’t me messing up something. It had me
scratching my head for a long time. :wink: I’ll fall back to using the
command line application for now.

Luckily win32ole has no problem functioning together with ActiveWinamp,
though, so even though my code looks really awful, I’ll see if I can
post my very first RubyQuiz contribution later today for #82. :slight_smile:

A nice SAPI5 voice together with ActiveWinamp to dynamically turn up and
down the volume makes for a nice start for a “virtual exercise bot”. I
also made myself a small “language” to describe each exercise session,
like this:

  • “WU300|J60|W20|A600(J60|W90)”

That right there would mean something like:

Warm up for 300 seconds
Jog for 60 seconds
Walk for 20 seconds
Alternate between these for 600 seconds
Jog for 60 seconds
Walk for 90 seconds

It’s a pretty compact way to describe each session. It ends up being a
27 line yaml-file, when I’ve typed in all the sessions in the example
posted in quiz #82.