Re:problem inserting parameters in link_to_remote

Thanks, but that doesn’t address the problem that the
parameter isn’t being passed to the action in the
first place. Does it? I mean, I can add a member to
a group just fine; the problem is that after I’ve
added a member, and used a remote call to update the
members list, it’s not possible to do a remote call to
remove that same member because for some reason the
inserted link_to_remote for the new member just drops
the group_id parameter. How does REST fix that?

And speaking of dropping parameters, does anyone know
how to respond to a thread on this list from a
web-based mail account?

What you really want to do is read and apply the ideas
in this post: (straight
from the
source). Then read:
Your exact
scenario is shown on page 21. RESTful rocks!

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Post you controller and partial code and maybe someone on the list can
better help.
You should be able to simply reply to this email from your web-based
mail account.