Re: Problem in using trellis Error, correction en- and decoder

There are a couple of potential problems with your flowgraph:

  1. the trellis encoder outputs unpacked bytes. For example, if your FSM
    has output cardinality 4 then it outputs 2 useful bits per byte.
    Are you sure you are handling this the right way at the packet encoder?
    I do not know how that block works but you should check it.

however, the main problem is the following

  1. You need to substitute the “trellis viterbi” by the “trellis viterbi
    combo” block and input as parameters the kind of “distance” metric you
    want and the corresponding constellation, etc. To do that you need to
    know what is the output of the packet decoder…

I have never worked with packet en/decoder so i cannot help with these.