Re: Prcoessing outoput from tail

Cool, thanks I will check this out. In the mean time I think I figured
out a work around, the only problem left is to figure out how to make
this thread-able:

IO.popen(‘tail -F foo.txt’) {|file|
while line = file.gets
puts line

The “while line” was what helped and I even tried the file rolling and
tail complained but picked up the new file, so ijust need to process
that error. Do you see any advantage using this over the gem (this way
I don’t have to make everyone download the gem as well).


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Phy P. wrote:

Now that’s room service! Choose from over 150,000 hotels
in 45,000 destinations on Yahoo! Travel to find your fit.

Check out the file-tail gem:

Gustav P.

Phy P. wrote:


Great! Looks like that works fine. I haven’t used the file-tail gem,
just remember having seen it somewhere a while ago, so I can’t give you
much feedback on it. You mention making the code ‘thread-able’…what do
you mean exactly?