Re: Possible YAML bug with quoted symbols?


I don’t think this is specific of yaml - it’s done to say that your
name is a String that contains a ’ or a " at the beginning and end , so
“my_string” or ‘my_string’
are Strings with quotes in them and not the same
as the Strings a=“my_string” or a=‘my_string’ .

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Thanks for replying, but I don’t follow what you are saying here. I
am using YAML to store objects in a database to later be retrieved
and this marshaling or serialisation process must be bidirectional
so whatever goes in comes out exactly the same, i.e.

  some_object == YAML.load(YAML.dump(some_object)		# == is being

used to mean the same as

and this doesn’t appear to be the case when some_object is a quoted
symbol :‘some symbol’. If I were only dealing with symbols I could
work around this, but the symbol is buried inside some object
hierarchies. In this case I don’t really care how YAML encodes the
objects as long as it can be treated as text.