Re: Populating 'long' data column with Ruby OCI8 (trying aga


Thank you very much, Neil. I saw blob support in OCI8, however I need to
work with datatype ‘long’. I need to for dealing with a legacy database
that cannot be altered in any way. Will OCI8 work on ‘long’ columns? I
will definitelly try, however I doubt it.

Thanks a lot anyways,


Sorry, saw “long”, thought “lob”.

The problem is that there’s a default buffer size for working with
longs/lobs that you have to reset to a value that’s appropriate for your

In perl DBI there’s a LongReadLength attribute, and it looks like
something similar for oci8 via the “low level” interface (maybe
OCI_ATTR_MAXDATA_SIZE). But there doesn’t appear to be a way to set OCI
attributes from the “high level” interface, unless I’m missing
Which is likely…