Re: pccc encoder

There are several issues with your code:

  1. a PCCC encoder (as any digital communication encoder) cannot accept a
    “sine wave” as its input!
    it only accepts discrete information.
    In this case it should be numbers {0,1,2,…,X-1} where X is the input
    alphabet size of your fsm’s.

  2. The output cardinality of the PCCC is the product of the output
    cardinalities of the two FSMs that you are using,
    so in your case is 2^3 x 2^3 = 64, which is not consistent with the size
    the modulation you are using

  3. The interleaver length is user-defined and there is no such thing as
    appropriate length (the longer the better performance… )

I suggest you look and try to understand the EXAMPLE (aptly named
in the gr-trellis/examples/grc
and let us know if you have any questions on this particular example.
Then you can move on to change it according to your needs.


Thank you very much for your response, you really helped me.

In my last post, i made a mistake. The fsm that i wanted to use is
fsm=1,2,[13,11]. If i understood well, i should use a 16qam modulation.

But im using an error rate block, just like in the example pccc.grc (only that im not using any channel), and at the number sink im having a ber value, when i shouldnt have any.
I dont`n know where is my mistake.

If you could help me, i really appreciate.

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