Re: [patch] Add hooks to create new


Hi Sjoerd,

Sorry for late.

Finally, I merged your patch to CVS with some changes.

  • rbgobj_fundamental.h:
    Merged to rbgobject.h.
    I think you want to separate private external functions and
    public functions, but rbgobject.h is defined all of external
    functions now.
    In a future, we may need to revise headers rule, though.
  • rbgobj_fundamental.c:
    • Add header and copyright.
    • Remove #include “rbgobj_fundamental.h”.
    • Rename G_DEF_FUNDAMENTAL() to rbgobj_fund_define_fundamental().
      And add #define G_DEF_FUNDAMENTAL to rbgobject.h like other
      glib2.def follow this change.
  • rbgobj_type.c:
    • Move Init_gobject_fundamental() to rbgobject.c like other

On Tue, 9 May 2006 12:51:16 +0200
removed_email_address@domain.invalid (Sjoerd S.) wrote:

installed to ruby-dir/site-ruby/1.8/i386-xxx/.
no longer install rbgfundamental.h. (public are just the function struct and


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