Re: Passing the payload to the application level

Right now, I’d suggest waiting a few days. We’ve been working on the
modulations for the next bundled release, and I think I’m about to check
in a
few of the last changes. Once this is merged with the trunk, the digital
modulations should be much simpler to handle, including having a generic
instead of the

That having been said, your problem probably isn’t going to disappear
with the
changes we’ve made, but it will hopefully simplify the understanding and
tracing through the flow graph. There is still the _queue_watcher_thread
makes a blocking call the the rcvd_pktq (received packet queue). When
the PHY
layer demodulator gets bits, it packs them into this message queue,
whereby the
watching thread blocking call gets released and the packet is sent to
specified callback function.

If you do need more help soon, I can give you more tomorrow (or Eric
will soon).


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