Re: ParseDate.parsedate() and

I’m not sure it’ll change. You’re on Windows, and Windows is
stupid this way, preferring to spell out “Central Daylight
Time” instead of “CDT”; I have yet to figure out how to get
the output from a Windows format string to be abbreviated or
better yet to return a +/- offset.

Modify your registry:

Or did you mean something else?



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On 8/15/06, Berger, Daniel [email protected] wrote:

Modify your registry:

Useful. You realize it points to your own blog, don’t you? :wink:

Or did you mean something else?

We should probably fix ParseDate. But that’s hard and ugly.


On Tue, 15 Aug 2006, Berger, Daniel wrote:

Or did you mean something else?



why aren’t you guys just using a decent date format?

require ‘time’

now =

iso8601 = now.iso8601(2)

puts iso8601

now2 = Time.parse(iso8601)

iso86012 = now2.iso8601(2)

my rules for dealing with dates are

  • do everything in gmt

  • if, and only if, that cannot be done do all calculations/formatting
    iso8601. it sorts as strings and is parseable by just about any
    application including databases and does not require tzinfo.



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