Re: params not available for controller specs?

I actually did stub Order.find() but was getting a nil object error
because params[:ids] was nil. I can’t write :ids => ‘1/2/3’

in the controller spec, and

get download, :ids => ids_string

results in the following error message:

NameError in ‘Admin::OrdersController should split the params[:ids]
string to create an array of id’s to find for downloading’
undefined local variable or method `download’ for [RSpec

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On 4.12.2007, at 10.17, Al Chou wrote:

Hi, all,

I’m trying to write a spec for a controller method that starts out:

def download
@orders = Order.find( params[:ids] )

and started writing a spec that set params[:ids] to a mock.

Why would you want to set params[:ids] to a mock? params values are
always basically strings (or hashes/arrays of strings) and you can set

them in the actual action call:

get :foo, :ids => [1,2,3]

Moreover, in your case Order.find should be the thing you want to
stub. You don’t want the finder call to go to the database, since
you’re speccing the controller behaviour here, not business logic.


Jarkko L.

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get :download, :ids => ids_string

You need the “:” in front of the action name.


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