As in the DRM (digital radio mondiale) specification the signal are
generally maximum 20kHz wide but 10kHz is the most commonly used

So the actual cheap way to receive DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale)
transmission is to use the soundcard at A/D with an external tuner. With
this it is also possible to decode any narrowband signal such as AM for

The external tuner can either be a traditional LW/MW/SW radio with a
modification consisting of a downconverter of the IF to 12kHz:
Example of receiver modifications:
Mixer/downconverters available at:

There are also some tuner directly giving a 12kHz IF output:

So a first step would be to port the open source Dream software DRM
receiver on the OLPC:

Regarding high sampling rate A/D, would it be possible to use the A/D of
a analog video acquisition device and plug it on an cheap external tuner
such as the one used on the USRP TVRX daughterboard ?