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A while ago I used Open3.popen3 (because I needed stdout and stderr) to
execute some commands on a vms system through rsh.
Since this functionality is only used occasionally (in an internal app),
working with threads and implementing callback etc would have been
overkill imho.


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2006/8/8, Romeu Henrique Capparelli F. <[email protected]>:

	It's not a good idea, IMHO, to call an external app on a

http session. You will hang your session unless you work with threads /

	A good way is:

	- Drop a file on a directory with all parameters you

- Create an robot that reads the directory from time to
time and calls your java app with parameters is file.
– Before calling the java app is good to move the
dropped file to avoid getting the same file several times.

another way: use the backgrounDRb plugin. so you can even make

cron-like things, status reporting back to the app, etc

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