RE: No horizontal sync with ntsc tv reception

I believe Daniel G. implemented this a while ago.

Check for info.

I tested it and it seemed to work, but only when my TVRX was connected
to cable TV. When hooked to an antenna, apparently the signal was not
strong enough for the sync to function.


On Mon, Oct 01, 2007 at 01:55:30PM -0500, Nirali P. wrote:

I am working on ntsc tv reception as a precursor to hdtv reception. I
using to capture samples to a file from the TV_RX
board and
then playing back using The picture displayed
does not
seem to have horizontal sync (picture keeps moving from left to
right). I
have tried setting different decimation factors, the best I can use
overruns is a factor of 8 and the picture still rolls in horizontal
direction. My understanding was that the decimation factor would only
the horizontal resolution not the ability to sync, but I could be
wrong. The
commands that I use for capture and playback are:

./ -R B -d 16 -f 531.25M -s tv1.out

./ -f 531.23M -n -i tv1.out sdl

where 531.25 Mhz is the picture carrier of the ntsc channel with lower
edge at 530Mhz.

I have also tried using -f 533M to set the tuning frequency to centre
of the
band but no significant change in picture sync.

If anyone has experienced similar problem I would appreciate the
Does the antenna setting have any influence on h-sync? My office is in
interior of the building so would it help to move towards the
Reads from a file and generates PAL TV pictures in black and white
which can be displayed using ImageMagick or realtime using
(To capture the input file Use, or use
–output-shorts if you have a recent enough
Can also use usrp directly as capture source, but then you need a
decimation factor (64)
and thus get a lower horizontal resulution.
There is no synchronisation yet. The sync blocks are in development
but not