RE: Nginx SFTP/FTP loadbalancer

This is Felix which is from Lenovo.I need your kindly help of nginx.
Here is one question of nginx SFTP/FTP loadbalancer.
The backend is two machines service IP is which have some http,https,SFTP and FTP service.
The frontend systems send some data to by
Now we want to use nginx to do the loadbalancer which dispatch the
http,https,SFTP and FTP to not by
I could configure the nginx.conf to loadbalancer the http and https
But how to loadbalancer SFTP and FTP service?
Could you give me one configuration example for SFTP and FTP service?
Felix zhang


You would proxy pass to the backend. Lookup how the smtp is done with

Personally i use nginx for http based and haproxy for any other tcp
based load balancing, ive had some great success in this method.

Payam C.
Network Engineer / Security Specialist