RE: NGINX proxy, 502 error while SSL handshaking to upstream


On Tue, Feb 25, 2014 at 04:34:34PM +0100, Juan Matas wrote:

You have to use proxy_ssl_protocols, not ssl_protocols. See

The proxy_ssl_ciphers directive may help, too, depending on what
exactly triggers the problem on your backend.

Maxim D.

Thanks Maxim D. for the answer
I tried that but did not work.

I tried using directives on nginx config file but the issue continue. I
can’t ensure but looks like Nginx was using TLSv1.1 or 1.2 anyway and
SSL handshake failed. And I didn’t find a way to disable this version of
the protocol.

So I fixed the problem compiling nginx(1.0.15) from source using openSSL
0.9.8e. This version of OpenSSL doesnt support TLSv1.1. And that’s
works. I
have no option, the provider that I’m dealing with doesn’t support
and they are not going to update his service.


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