Re: Nginx on Debian testing compiled without gzip_static?


I’ ve purged nginx and installed nginx new from sources.

The Debian package seems to be compiled without gzip_static and seems
also fragile while removing the package with apt-get remove nginx. This
is not sufficient and results i a broken nginx (missing files)
installation after a new install. (IN MY CASE ON A 12 months old testing
installation - maybe thats to old) Do a apt-get --purge remove nginx and
a new installation should be no problem.


Your installation is a bit old, and I have not seen problems removing
package on recently updated testing systems. Also, testing is frozen
now pending release, so there will not be updates on testing. Unstable
nginx 0.6.34 and experimental has ngin 0.7.14 - no idea if gzip is
on either of these. You can easily just get the source package and
the debian/rules file to fit your needs or build your own custom debian
package. Google has lots of guides for doing both.

However, in the future, you should really direct these concerns to the
package maintainer who created the package. You can do so by emailing
Parrella whose address is removed_email_address@domain.invalid ; whenever you have an
with a debian package you should take it up with the package maintainer!