Re: newbie problem

Todd W. wrote:

Im not getting the output I expect. In the tutorial I am doing. It is
suppose to just write the values to the browser.

Which would write *a,b,c *to the browser and shouldn’t also be showing the
array brackets or double quotes.

Ah, okay. The solution has been shown.

Meanwhile, it sounds like this tutorial actually has you delve into
Ruby itself rather than only playing on the surface with Rails. I
would suggest that you take a sidetrack and try a Ruby-only tutorial
before you progress much further with the Rails one.

(Actually I suggest that ALL Rails people bother to actually learn
Ruby, so they’ll have much more of a clue what’s going on under the
hood and how to make it sit up and do neat tricks. But in your case,
it seems like you’re hitting real-Ruby questions already, while many
Rails tutorials don’t expose much of that.)


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