RE: newbie - a few questions

  1. Well, look at the api… It’s a single line of code to associate a
    Software model with the “software” table instead of the “softwares”
    table. Remember… It ASSUMES the plurality for you so you can speed
    up development, but you can ALWAYS explicitly tell it what to do.
    You’ll find that Rails makes a lot of assumptions, and they’re actually
    really good assumptions if you’re developing a new app.

class software < ActiveRecord::Base
set_table_name “software”
set_primary_key “software_id”
set_sequence_name "softwareseq " # default would have been

  1. WEBrick, the built-in server that runs on port 3000 is great for
    development because it’s self-contained. InstantRails (at least in my
    humble opinion) is more for staging your applications to see how they
    run on Apache, and maybe even for production. I would use WEBrick for
    development, especially if you plan to move your code from a PC to a Mac
    and then back again… There’s no configuration! Just run script/server
    (or on windows, ruby scrip/server) from the root of your rails project.

That said, InstantRails is pretty handy if you don’t have Ruby, Rails,
and mySQL already installed on a machine. But I would definitely still
use WEBrick when you’re developing and then mess with configuring your
apps on Apache or Lighttpd at a later time. It tends to distract you…
Instead of coding rails, you become frustrated with trying to learn
Rails and configure Apache + SCGI + Rails and you cast Rails off as ‘too
hard’ (It’s happened to some people I know…)

Good luck!


Again, thanks for your help.

I really am starting to like Rails.
I’m diving right in.

Are there more advanced web tutorials?
I already did the cookbook.

What do you recommend for a editor in Windows and Mac?
Is Komodo a good choice?


Frank R.


I have not seen komodo. I use both subethaedit and textmate. Both
very good.