Re: New Typo Install - install notes, theme viewer and an im


Here’s some information/code showing how I migrated from Blogger to
Typo although it doesn’t use the Blogger API:


[email protected] wrote:
There’s an importer
that will take an RSS feed and import it. A blogger API

extractor would
be cool, but I’ve never seen one.


On 6/22/06, Gary
Shewan [email protected] wrote:

On 22 Jun 2006, at 02:08,
John Wang wrote:

I just put together a tutorial on installing
Typo (2.6.0 with

captive Rails) with MySQL, Apache, lighttpd and FastCGI
if anyone

is interested:

I also put together a Typo Theme
Viewer app using Scriptaculous’

Sortable. Right now it only covers
the themes at Typo Garden but

others can be added. It’s primarily designed
to make visual

scanning a lot easier.

Very nice work John.
Crying shame that those themes are broken on

trunk as that would be
a handy resource. The fellas at Typogarden

should have a word with you.

Finally, is there a good way to import blog entries/comments from

Blogger? If not, how would one go about doing this. Is there any

partial code already available?

I thought there was one - but
there isn’t. I’d use a Blogger to MT/

Wordpress/Textpattern converter
and then convert that from the Typo

converters that are available.


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