Re: New doxygen docs


On Sat, 5/23/09, Eric B. [email protected] wrote:

I’ve uploaded current doxygen generated docs. Click on the C++ blocks link to
get a list of blocks.

GNU Radio Manual and C++ API Reference: Main Page


  • Nice work after long waiting!. Thank you for this great efforts.

  • I think including C++ source code in the documentation (not only the
    .h files ) is better because if someone cannot understand the current
    API documentation he can click in the same page on the (.cc) source code
    and see how it is being implemented. Currently, if he want to do so, he
    must search gnuradio folders to find the required implementation file
    and then open it to see what he needs.

  • In the current documentation, we see :

[Please note that at this time, we haven’t found an acceptable way to provide unified documentation for the C++ parts of the system and the parts written in Python (mostly hierarchical blocks). Until this gets worked out, please bear with us, or better yet, solve it for us!]<<

This is a mysterious statement. What is the target acceptable way? Is
there an example how should this being done?. If we know what is
required, may be we can help to find the required tool, or may be we can
write a custom gnuradio documentation software that solves this problem.

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