RE: Need some advice on DB design

“Tom isn’t wrong, I just wanted to make sure that nobody misunderstands
and starts doing stuff like messageobject.parent_id =”

Can someone explain to me why

messageobject.parent_id =

is incorrect? It seems to work, but I’m just curious as to why it’s bad.
For example… I may have passed the parent id through the url. Seems
odd that I would have to query the db to populate my parent object just
to make the association to the new child object when I could just add
the id to the child’s record.

Of course, if there’s a good reason not to do that, I’d really be
interested to know… I want to make sure I’m doing it right!

Thanks much!

Its just not really necessary. Most of the time you are dealing with
straight object (as thats the point of the Ruby and OO in general). I
use it mostly when I dont have/cant represent the object in its
natural state (say selecting an object from a drop down list). In
these cases I stick with the ids, but if I actually have the objects I
use the objects. By type more when we dont have to? :slight_smile: