Re: Multilingual Rails Plugin Update


Sorry about that, guys. I hadn’t checked in the latest version – it’s
up now and should work.

Also, you might have to do the following to get it to work:

In your application.rb:

model “multilingual/models/language.rb”,

Of course, the language and locale codes can be any language/locale,
they just have to be set. I don’t understand exactly why the “model”
directive is necessary, but without it, Rails seems to load these
models as ActiveRecord::Base, and they throw missing_method
exceptions. Anybody have any information about this?

Also, if it wasn’t obvious, this is still beta code, so don’t expect
it to run smoothly on all platforms. The bug reports are extremely
useful, because I’m only testing on Windows/MySql/Sqlite at this
point. Thanks to everyone who’s helping to iron out the glitches.

Josh Harvey