Re: Multiblog support (and some pointers to the road ahead)

On 24/05/07, Sheldon H. [email protected] wrote:

On Thursday 24 May 2007 11:53, Frederic de Villamil wrote:

Unfortunately, I fear multi blogs will be removed from 4.2 roadmap as
we decided with Piers last week.

Thanks for the rapid response.

I’ll keep on looking.

As usual though, patches are welcome, but our immediate goal is to get
a good, robust multi user system with support for OpenID commenting
and the like up and running. I’m also looking closely at the Atom
Publishing Protocol, and a possible rejig of our controller and
routing architecture (Don’t worry, /articles/yyyy/mm/dd/title is
sacrosanct… what I expect to be changing is the precise URL and
controller structure of the administrative system, with an eye
bringing us more in line with a restful style.)

Also on the cards is an integration of the client side live content
preview I have running on the comment forms at I’ve had my eye open for something that could
handle Textile and Markdown with a consistent interface, and I think
I’ve found it.

What would also be very cool if there’s anyone out there with chops
for it, would be version of Azure which continues to look the same
as the old atom, but uses the same kind of microformats as Scribbish.
I have some ideas for the workings of various bits and pieces which
would be make much, much easier if I could rely on a consistent
semantic structure across themes.