Re: More themes included/microformats

Yeah, I actually just upgraded to .3 (mirrors weren’t my friend
yesterday) and saw that Scribbish was now included. I could see event
microformats being useful for content aggregation as well. Perhaps
simple “add content” functions on the post editing page that could be
used to easily add various microformatted content types? [1] I’ve been
writing PHP for about 8 years, and Rails is not coming easily to me,
otherwise I’d be happy to contribute (and may in the future). I can
handle tweaking themes, though. I would think that any microformat that
references an abstract content type that someone might blog about could
be useful. Also, with Typo’s “Pages” function, it should be seen as a
“publishing platform”, not just a blogging engine. If you are embedding
microformats in “static pages”, then I could see almost any of them
being useful (hResume?). Just my 2c… Its much easier to throw out
ideas than write the code behind them. :wink:

Speaking of the editing page, how difficult would it be to embed a
rich-text-editor such as FCKeditor or TinyMCE? Both options can be set
up to create XHTML-valid content and would integrate well with CSS-based


Re: More themes included/microformats

From: Scott L. <scott>
Subject: Re: More themes included/microformats<>
Newsgroups: gmane.comp.web.typo.user
Date: 2006-07-12 18:06:56 GMT

There are a few microformat-ish things that I’d like to do after 4.0
ships. I’d like to make it easy to create hReviews as well as one of
the event microformats. Beyond that, I haven’t seen anything
particularly exciting in the microformat world. hAtom sounds nice
enough as a formatting standard, and Scribbish is already in the trunk
and will be included in 4.0.

Past that, are any of the remaining microformats actually useful for