Re: message_source repeatly transmit msg 10times

I also tried msgq.flush() to delete all of the data in the queue as soon
the data is inserted to the message queue. This approach allows the data
repeatly transmitted in various times, ranging from once to 10 times.

I explored some of the gnuradio examples which use send_pkt to transmit
data. In send_pkt() approach, they use struct.pack to pack the data then
use msgq.insert_tail() to feed the data in the flow graph. I tried
struct.pack(’!H’,pktno & 0xfff)+data, but after packing the data, the
assert the error related to size matter on the mapper, which is

Could anyone give me some suggestion on what’s the problem here to allow
me keep on going? Really appreciate any of your help!


I also tried the struct.pack(’!H’,pktno & 0xffff) + data to pack the
data as pkt_send does. This approach gives the error on
gr_chunks_to_symbols_bf ((unsigned
int)in[i]*d_D+d_D)<=d_symbol_table.size() failed, where the symbol table
size in my case is 2. I dug into the and, which
gives the idea in order to connect the packed message source with block
gr.chunks_to_symbols_bf, packed message should be unpacked. If this
understanding is correct, the message don’t have to be packed before
insert to the flow graph. I found when the message is packed in
packet_utils.make_packet, it appends a ‘\x55’ in the pack. Does this
‘\x55’ sign tell USRP this is the end of this msgq and this msgq only be
sent once by calling msgq.insert_tail(msg) once?

Any of your help values a lot for me, since this problem is the last
problem I need to get solved for my project. It really gets stuck here.

Really appreciate any suggestion on solving this problem!


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