Re: Media Temple Hosting


I’m looking for a hosting service to host our site. We’re a university
in central Brazil and our site has an average 3000 pageviews/day.
Today it’s developed in ASP.NET and is hosted internaly. To provide
more functionalities to our users it was time to put it on a CMS. So,
What I’m looking for is a good hosting service to host our Radiant
based site.

Any tip?

Be Radiant!

Nowadays, everyone says SliceHost because of the awesome
bang-for-the-buck – honestly I have to agree. The caveat of that is
you have to configure the system yourself. The other caveat is that
they are highly in demand and have a large backlog for new slices.

There are numerous hosting companies out there, you just have to pick
one that’s right for you. When investigating, I would search Google for
the name of the hosting company and “rails”. There should be a wealth
of information about what to watch for, where people have problems,
etc. Also, for a quick but incomplete rundown, read this:



If you want more traditional supported hosting, Segpub (http:// is very good. They have some experience with Radiant
and are prompt and helpful. It is a bit pricier than some options,
but by no means expensive. They also have a nice simple control
panel, making restarts, email, etc very easy.

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