Re: match with string instead of regexp fails

I thought the syntax was incorrect…

“cat” =~ “a” #=> 1

Fails as it’s looking to match a reg ex not a string.

Should be:

“cat” =~ /a/ #=> 1

Or am I wrong?!?!


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On 10/12/06, Cameron, Gemma (UK) [email protected] wrote:

Or am I wrong?!?!

Indeed, the example is wrong (judged by current ruby). However the
documentation states that:

str =~ obj => fixnum or nil

Match? If obj is a String, look for it in str (similar to
String#index). Returns the position the match starts, or nil if there
is no match. Otherwise, invokes obj.=~, passing str as an argument.
The default =~ in Object returns false.

“cat o’ 9 tails” =~ ‘\d’ #=> nil

(class String - RDoc Documentation)

The question was why it doesn’t work. The answer: the online
documentation is outdated (I don’t know how the docs in the install
package look like, I haven’t installed 1.8.5 yet).