Re: Make error [svn revision 5708]

Trond D. wrote:

I just pulled a fresh copy from svn (rev.5708), ran ./bootstrap;
./configure; make. No problems so far. I recommend that you run
./bootstrap and ./configure again after pulling from svn. This ensures
that the generated Makefiles are updated according to the svn changes.

The real issue is that there are “stale” .d files in
gnuradio-core/src/lib/swig. These files have lists of dependencies in
them, and one of the .i files listed has been deleted when updating svn.
You can’t just delete the .d files because they themselves are listed as
a dependency in the Makefile.

The most precise way to update your working directory to build again is
to edit these .d files and remove the offending file name. You can also
delete all the .d files in this directory, and let the build repopulate
them, by re-running ./configure. One of the last things ./configure
does is to “touch” these files, and if they don’t exist, they get created.

I used this method but still got the error as followed: error: ‘gr_dpll_ff’ was not declared
this scope

The sledgehammer approach is to do a ‘make distclean’ followed by a full

This was the only option left to me and it worked, but took lot of time

The way the swig dependencies are tracked is broken here, but works well
for everything else, falling over only when the repository is updated
and a .i file that was previously there is removed.

Patches welcome :slight_smile:

Johnathan C.
Corgan Enterprises LLC