Re: lowest power of the signal that LFRX can capture

Look at the schematic of LFRX and change the resistors in the feedback
to get 20dB of gain more. Your bandwidth will be limited to about 15MHz
but LFRX will be still usable in the full bandwidth, or you can set
lower gain to get more bandwidth if needed.
With my LFRX set to 20dB of gain I can receive HF radio transmissions
from 2000 miles away with a 30cm wire as an antenna.

Dear all,

What’s the lowest power of the signal that LFRX can capture? How can I
receive a signal between -20dBm and -10dBm by LFRX?
I already set the USRP gain to the greatest, 20dB, but still cannot really
capture any signal.

LFRX should have no trouble capturing a -20dBm signal.