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Yes, engines is installed. Using the dispatcher.cgi I can see the
standard login page - switching to dispatcher.fcgi in .htaccess brings
the before mentioned error.

I also followed the guidelines in the login_engine README and changed
environment.rb, application.rb, application_helper.rb etc.

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Am 06.03.2006 um 10:55 schrieb James A.:

Can you confirm that you’ve also installed the engines plugin?

script/plugin install engines


svn co

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On 3/6/06, Marcus Felix W. removed_email_address@domain.invalid wrote:

I’m new to Rails and Ruby, so this might be a simple question. I wrote a
simple blog-application using Rails 1.0 and installed login_engine to
add some authentication mechanisms. After following the installation
procedure I get this error when dispatching via FastCGI (ordinary CGI

MissingSourceFile in #

no such file to load – login_engine

I repeated the procedure a few times, even starting with a blank new
rails app - it’s always the same. Btw. I’m working on OS X 10.4
Can anyone please point out the problem? How can it come that
vendors/plugins isnt loaded - isnt this in the default load path?

Thanks in advance


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